Monday, November 30, 2015

one night she walked into the world
dressed up in a dream
with a mission between her hands
to take a ride with a dangerous man

she was scrawling the walls 
with spray paint bombs
writing some kind of badass 
fairytale in Dietrich red
when out of the cosmic alley
from some forgotten dimension
inside her mind
stepped a graffiti man 
dressed in danger to the nines 
and looking just like her kind

he said sure I'd love to take a drive
but we're going to have to 
make it quick
so baby let me show you how 
to break those chains 
cause I see you've got 
some locks to pick 
and this is gonna hurt a bit
cause that's just how it is
when you're busting out of you
but drink this bottle here up now
it can taste like poison
but it's so damn sweet
guaranteed to give you wings
cause this is how our kind transmute 
illusion to the truth
and if you'll take the risk
I'm sure to quench your thirst
with the potion of oasis
from inside my dangerous heart

but baby let me warn you first
I love you
you gotta know I do
but I hate to have to say
I can't be staying long

and because she'd just walked out
dressed up in a dream
on a mission to find a dangerous man
she drank the bottle down
right to the final drop
and said
I figure you must be crazy
because I am crazy too
so what use have we for time
when we'll both pass this way again
so let us make a deal
you bring the paint 
the next go round 
and I'll bring you oasis 
drawn from this heart of mine
to quench you on some other night
when you're out there 
dressed up in a dream
and looking to find
a dangerous kind of woman 
to take you for a ride

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