Sunday, November 15, 2015

if you will ever think 
that regret is bitter tears to me
for all the days that passed
without your kiss


when you have touched me
in places so deep
I did not dare to visit
until you were by my side
caressing those dark corners
where you have left
the scent of light
lingering like cologne 
I breathe and breathe again
with wonder how my own skin
could smell so foreign
yet more like home
familiar as the place
where I can now belong

and while you have felt
you've not been here
I have known it so differently than that
because if you 
had never kissed me
how is it I could taste you
on my lips each time I come
to speak these words

and if you've never touched me
how can all these colours rise
from the seeds you planted
to grow inside my heart
if not for you then who
then who slipped in 
while I was dreaming
to place these stars inside my sky

and how is it I so often find you
when you've said 
that you were gone
but here you are 
as the scent of stars
and the light that I can taste
so that I don't need to wait
because so much of you
still lingers here 
as what I hold each day

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