Wednesday, November 4, 2015

if I could be a different
shade of blue
and this lunacy could be
beauty like the vibrational
turbulence of starry nights
from the other side of the moon
I'd give you something new to feel
to make you want to feel again

somewhere safe to land
coming down from the stars
as a human heart
with the waiting of outstretched arms
to take you close and keep you warm
so you could be again as bare 
as you were born into this world
without the fear of how the cold can cut
the tender into scarred 

to lead you deep into the far away
from the predation of the noise
and through the sanctuary of the silence 
of music longing to be remembered
for you to hear without the need 
to dissect the notes
or take it all as something 
held a distance from the ears

if I could be a different blue
I would bring you back 
from where you've gone
the way the flowers lure
the winged to taste their nectar
with the hue that carries the tone
of the song that belongs to you
and promise only nourishment
and shelter for the tired
and the spirit wandered far too long

if I could be that blue
the blue that I am not
when I am just a girl
who is good at leaving too
even though I no longer try
but only try to hold this space
for when you do come back
with not enough patience to always stay
so that some nights I am out there
hidden in the turbulence of the night
searching for my star to hold 
in the dreams I dream of blue

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