Tuesday, November 24, 2015

when we meet once more
let us both be kind
right from the start
especially to ourselves
let's not do any part
of mean again
but pick up from 
the tender here

so I will never have to lose
the words that meant 
the most to me 
and then spend my life
bargaining every breath
of every day for a single 
moment of return
where no one's making deals
in an all or nothing world

when all I have 
is all my heart to offer up
to nothing left to give
and nothing can be
that was lost in wager
to mistrust
before there was any 
trust to lose

let me remember to embrace
your memory
with the full weight 
of all this love
and not to fear the gravity
when gravity resisted
pulls the spirit twice as hard
into an empty well of words
consumed like drinking 
the mirage to running dry 
that hid the truth 
it was oasis all along
but does not fill again

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