Saturday, October 31, 2015

the moon sits
in a darkened sky
lost in the distance
to far off light 
unable to remember 
his own sometimes
wondering if he 
commands the tides
or if the ebb and flow
is commanding him
under some kind of
have him at its mercy spell
but the ocean knows
it is just the way of things
in the cosmic synchronicity
not a whim and nothing
that one must fight 
so that when he tries to hide
behind whatever haze of cloud
might obscure him 
from any watching's sight
she prays the rains to her
then lets her breath 
lie very still
to invoke the magic
of water mirrors
to send his reflection 
back through the night 
to comfort his own eyes

Friday, October 30, 2015

I keep the gate to this
secret garden locked
but I know that
you are as a bird
or maybe a butterfly
something soft and shy
and winged
so that there is always 
invitation for you here
always a place to drink
always a forest of branches 
waiting to hide you
in their arms
and flowers that long
to show you off
and even on the days
you do not come
I will tend what wants to be
a sanctuary
cultivated not to grooming
but to grow as wild 
as wild can grow
and you are free to come and go
however the wind is pleased
to take you on its breeze
and still these things are here
for you to come and rest
to find safety in love's nest
or wander through
to discover and unearth
if curiosity should ask
but it is here each night
and day 
and all you need to do
is find your way 
to where this hidden place
is not a secret 
kept from you

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I am learning to hear
what sits in the silence
from in the silence
within myself
where calm remains
a constant
that holds a voice
of what is truth
in the place beyond
the filters
made of scars
where wandering
is not so far
when migration 
through the realms
is just the way of things

and love is a wanting
to be the sky
that blankets the journey
in starlight 
and in sun
and not the destination
but only what holds
the orbit
without the anxiousness
of waiting
but still the need
to share the light

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

all I want to do is just
let the world fall away
from these tired hands
wipe away the make-up
that gets painted like an armour
to get through the day by day
stand here naked and exposed
and unapologetic 
for the scars that have been made
not only by others
but also the ones 
that I ought to have shame for
because they were made by me
stand here uncaring of the cracks
where the show of illusion
has too often found its stage
and let those cracks just be
a place to feel the beauty deep
to risk with knowing 
what slips in between the ribs
is what can fill the lungs with light
or lacerate straight through the heart
because in the moments
before the have to hurt
I want to know what it is to breathe
to stand here in my own free
exactly as I am 
without the second body
within which I have been encased
and ask for nothing more
than to just be for once
what my spirit wants to be
and to learn what it is to love
what it is to love you
from the authentic sacred self

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I stared at the face of the moon
but it was not the moon 
that I have known
because tonight 
it wore your face

and all that I could hear
over the coyotes coming in
much closer than they usually dare
and the memory of stars
that left my heart in the storm
of a volatile electric state
were the things 
that I don't want to say

because sometimes I scare myself
and I don't want to scare you too
when gentle does not always mean
avoiding the abrasive
but also the embracive 
when I no longer feel the skin
that keeps the raw from touching
too deeply in the interverse

and the voices come
from too far down the river 
beneath the river that is seen
so that the words 
are better left to dreams
where spirits know how to speak
as spirits and to listen too
because they do not have
the distortion of human tongues
nor human ears

and I don't have to fear
how far inside 
this thread might run
the possibility that I might find
it is anchored somewhere further in
than I have yet to be myself

and comfortable is an orbit
I dare not let the echo of my voice
contort  a chaos of
where the balance is fragile
in the now
if eternal in beyond

and all that I can do
is whisper to the moon
what fires in the heart
from a little piece of solid ground
beneath the river that flows
with water we can taste
and above the one that runs
with stars

Monday, October 26, 2015

baby let's just drive
like the night we hugged red cliffs
so carelessly alive
there was never a need to worry
about the risk that we might fall

and you can be whichever you
you wanna be
and I will learn them all
to the song of hungry tires
eating up the blacktop 
in sync with the rhythm 
of our hearts
consuming every drop of fear
of just how far we know
we both can go

and the only tears 
that we'll let touch our cheeks
are the ones exhilaration 
seduces with the wind
when we are as fast as stars
migrating through 
the stratosphere of this earth
to hold the form of flesh

just to know what it is
to live in the moment
staring down the threat
of the edge
like stars that've come
to find their found
to feel what it is
to put the pedal down
and just drive

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I am just a woman
of borrowed flesh 
and bone and blood
and if you dared to share 
a handful of dreams with me
the gamble is what I would do
because I've got no kind of magic
to make them all come true
but I would wrap them 
like ribbons in my hair

so when it felt the world had robbed 
all you'd thought you'd be
while you were lost in sleep
or your hands had held 
your dreams so tight 
they'd fractured into dust
I would call you to remember
the ones I'd kept for you to loose 
the ones I'd worn like woven silk 

and though they'd be
no more than what they ever were
when placed into my hands
I would return them laced 
in the scent of the perfume
of what had lain the closest 
to this heart and mind
returned to you to leave 
a place then bare 
for your fingers through my hair
and your breath upon my heart

Saturday, October 24, 2015

the season that comes
hard on the heels of today
should have me waiting
for the sting of the flutter
of snowflakes against the face
but on the unexpectant wind 
has come a kaleidoscope 
of animated stars
all winged with fire
like a Chinook rising up
from the heart

tomorrows may bring 
what they will
but today is for burning
like butterflies that've returned
and all I wanna do is fly
without ever leaving the ground
as though only this moment counts

and the migration of volcanoes
from springs once forgot
that no one else can see
like secret languages
only we can speak
are written in fire and wings
from the core of the earth
to the centre of our own stars

and I am reaching up between 
the palpations 
of the metamorphosized
from the salt of the earth
to touch you there

Friday, October 23, 2015

somewhere under the blue
somewhere deep and true
to be like children again
to remember how to laugh
and love
without the armour
made of scars
of life that's gone too far
and the resistance 
against the chains
that cut the flesh
when getting cut
has been too often
the only way 
to free the day
from the definition of the names
that make commodities 
of the happiness that's 
always been
our right 

somewhere to play
with miracles that kiss us
with their wings
of prayers we never had
to claim
or ask redemption for
somewhere to remember
imagination is reality too
somewhere to be gentle
without having to be
with words that flow raw
but on breath that is sweet
forgiveness a well
that runs too deep
to swallow our pennies
but still can keep
our secrets 
yet grant us
our wildest dreams

somewhere deep and blue
somewhere with you
if not today then someday
without a name
in some near or far away
the place I wish to return
somewhere in the memory
of time within the dimensions
of unseen time
that is not the the kind 
you wait to come again
and not the end
but the place you work
to unearth
somewhere beneath
the ghost of the children
we have been
inside the mystery
of ancients we are

Thursday, October 22, 2015

you are the face to the whispers
from in my dreams since I arrived
the insatiable manna
that grows my hunger for more
the sense I will lose
and the alien I must be again
in the vacuum of vampiric space 
if this gravity should ever let go
the way the cold finds invitation
in the footprint of a kiss

but you are also the memory
that burns like a fire
that can never fade to a wisp
of smoke cast to the fate of the wind
you are the music
that comes from within
implanted under the skin
but also the rain
that comes from without
and nourishes dawns
that cannot fall dormant again
the salvation not from absolving
a birth shrouded in sin
but the peeling of prisons
encasing the mind
and subserving the soul
to the lie

so that even in silence
there is something of you
whispering there
from deep in my heart
where I have had to find you
to find you
but also to find myself
the lingering and vanishing
like breath in the lungs 
the cosmic in and then out
that oxygenates the blood 
the illumination 
the sun
that calls the bloom from bud

the promise that the girl
who was born to this world
to forget herself
would remember
and could not forget

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

whaddya say baby
do you wanna get out of here
and find somewhere 
nice and dark to dance
someplace away from
all this noise
that drowns the music out
somewhere not so loud
like maybe in a dream
somewhere in another galaxy
in a parallel dimension
outside the bounds
where the song is what we feel
more than what gets heard
and we are the off beats
that syncopate
the magic in the rhythm 
the soul in the silence
that takes its breath
in sound
spin me around
like I've got the grace to fly
anchored to the gravity
of the mystery of the cosmos
you've hidden in your eyes
and we won't miss a step 
by the sound of our own hearts
lost among the stars
where desire sings
the song
composed by love