Friday, November 27, 2015

don't get me wrong baby
or let these words fade 
to redundant or cliche 
when the easy can be seen
so easily over hard
and all I never used to say
flows now as though
it was like something 
I have always said
when I have been 
so shrewd with love
for the times I've let 
the Trojan Horse roll in
as the dangerous hollow 
of what a thing
pretended that it was
and then swore myself
to never offer up
what wasn't solid 
to the core

don't let the way
that it can look 
lie and say that
I have come here
with the emptiness of lonely
when life has been lived
more with an eye
for keeping out the danger
than needing anything
of any sort at all
and the solitary hours
have been the kindest
in the end
when being a friend
to self
is easier than what
the cost of love has been

so that this is a choice
and then not a choice
and courage is what is done
when you stay present
in what the journey asks
and all the times I say
I love you
are dares I play against myself
to stand in my own truth
even on the days
I stand alone
and make these wagers
against the costs
that I can not afford
but will pay for
just the same
absent of regret

so don't get me wrong baby
this is not desperate
nor naive
but love as pure
as something newly born
into a world
where it must find its way
with no mercy coming
down the line
and yet it spreads its wings
as Icarus aspiring
for the sun
because you are 
that much light
and it is worth the attempt
of the hopelessness
of the grounded taking flight
to aspire for just close enough
to let you know
that this is how deeply
inside this solid heart
that you are held
in love 

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