Tuesday, February 28, 2017

wherever your feet
fall when you dream
wherever your gaze lands
when you close your eyes
whatever you seek
when you lay to rest

if I could be there too
it would be as the dew
that softens the earth
to record the sacredness
of your memories
in its skin

I would be the flecks that glisten
on the wings of butterflies
virgin again to the light
and the scent of the mouths
of flowers
opening to welcome them softly
with serenades
of the sweetest nectars
perspired in desire
just to touch the soles of feet
that leave the ground

I would come as the rays of sun
that warm you
and also the comfort
of the shade
that lets you choose
the balance where balance lies
and the grass
and the rivers
and the songs of birds
so that every step
in every direction
and every stop to rest
would answer only beauty

because all we ever really seek
is the answer to ourselves

Monday, February 27, 2017

I am starving
for the taste of your lips

thirsting to drink
your breath

I warm myself
with the dream
of your hands

I come alive
with the sound of your voice
inside my heart

butterflies and birds
are opening their wings
and preparing for flight

somewhere that can't be seen
but still is dreamed

I lay against
the not yet thawing earth
and give thanks
for the hunger and cold
that has taught me
to know
the depth of beauty
to be revered

Creation is my god
but your heart
a sacred altar

I dream to bless this life
with the reverence
of from the earth
and to the earth
the spirits
who somewhere
have opened their wings

Thursday, February 23, 2017

to feel the rivers of life
flow beneath your skin tonight
to remember to be alive
is the gift so we can love
your heartbeat to drown
the chaos and the noise
and all the silent screams
when capsules of tears
get swallowed
like cyanide
I don't want a place to hide
but only a safe place to dance
to the music of your breath
not to forget
but only just to rest
and celebrate
what illusions cannot conquer
and tell you you are a beautiful
until I remember
that I am too
when all the moments
of every dimension
and every time
every smile
and every cry
have contributed their share
to the miracle
that somewhere in the world
there is a light
the darkness cannot blind
against my eyes
and when the dark
has made me tired
still I can close my eyes
and somewhere safe
I touch that light

Friday, February 17, 2017

it smells too clean here
take me to a home
somewhere where the earth
wears the scent
of my grandmothers' placentas

and wayward dogs
and yowling cats
are showering in exhaust

and love made out of nothing
fries over open fires

where music is perfume
with the musk of hibiscus
swelling in its loins

and the sun bakes stories
from the culverts
with the whispers of
the subterranean secrets
of the fermenting underground

and histories chatter
in the bare feet
of the boys who dance
with balls worn to the rough
like their future hearts
driven forever toward
their glory

let me smell the garbage
and love it too
as the sacrifice of sustenance
and memory

give me mangoes
and red earth

and sweat that glistens
beneath the stars

and oceans
that spray the sidewalk
with the temptation
of the adventures that it holds

let my heart not be so sanitized
as this world that carries
the void of poetry
in the lack of its cologne

Sunday, February 12, 2017

the courage for affinity
the heart for anarchy
where seeing is beauty
in alternate realities

if dreams are more than dreams
your path will cross mine there
somewhere east or west
north or south
where we have carried our regions
of joy
across borders
smuggled in our songs

the contraband of unlegislated love
traded in the dark parque
where music brings the light
of interconnection
that is meant
for the human to be human

and streets and continents
and oceans have been crossed
on passports that bear the stamps
of personal emancipation
from the re-evolution
of the natural state
by muses that dance
as much to love
as for the sake
of being loved

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

you and I
we know the truth
of the irony
in waiting on the system
to yield our share
of anarchy
when everything is all
self serve
even if they hide it
from our plates
because it's up to us to take
and up to us to make
our joy
and of course it isn't fair
that gluttony leaves
only skin and bones
the greedy still pick bare
but sometimes the only protest
we have left to give our fight
is the way we dance with our own light
and the laughter we won't surrender
from our hearts
to outsmart their every move
with a way to live our lives
as ours
and the fearlessness in the rebellion
of the anarchy
in how we love

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

we're not the enemies
of the state...
the state of natural being
don't colonize
our minds
with your lines of status quo
if you are quoting
from artificial power
cause now is time to listen
to the power in our hearts
where our ancestors are playing songs
so our descendants
will one day dance
to something more
than this white noise
of this unreality TV nation
because your alternative reality
does not matter
it holds no matter here
in this world of from the earth
and to the earth
infused with all the stars
where dictators don't dictate the scars
only just the wounds that are inflicted
and our anarchy
is in the way we heal
again for generation after generation
and the reality is
it's coded in our DNA
to be the patriots
of the state...
the natural state of being