Wednesday, November 18, 2015

remembering a story
of the duality of fire
and thinking what it is 
to be like kind
like tandem dancing 
on a razor's edge
where the embers 
are sweet warm below
and falling means
to burn

when I was always waiting
for the fire to find me
from the dream
so that I was so eager
to damn the risk
and take the chance
I forgot I was also
half the blade
and part the risk
to take

and nothing cuts
like what can't be seen
except by those who see
and suddenly I understand
why you have never looked
the same way twice
from any moment to the next 
except without my eyes

because for us shapeshifters
survival is in disguise
and fear in what might happen
with the things 
we may have seen
but we do not talk about
and then the ones 
we do
and what we've already
done with that 

and the purpose of these days
emerges as learning gentle
and learning strong
and the balance of how best
to use our fire

and then somewhere in this future
or in the time we cannot name
the web will mend itself
to hold us in its net
and we will dance 
on the crisp edge
of the sharpest stars
as flame dancing unto flame 

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