Tuesday, December 8, 2015

while the world circles around you
singing loud with love
and gratitude
let me creep in between 
these secret lines
to lay beside you
just to hear the sound 
of your breath
and the beat of your heart
and bring you the song
of mine

here in this way
as a ghost
without the flesh
to offer warmth to you
but only these words
that play at being light
reaching out to kiss
starlight in the night

because if all we have
are energies
that ever can remain
these energies of my love
are whispering now
the secrets of their depth
dressed not 
in the made from earth
but these songs 
made of the breath and beat
of the heart inside
the spirit
of my heart
I hear the waft waft 
of wings all around
beating rhythms of the wind
fanning these flames
of this fire that drowns
in sizzle and burn
and rises again
up and down
dancing as hungry
and satiated
and roaring in love
birthing embers of eternity
and glowing and warmth
combusting beyond
the contained
raging beyond
the waned
and every flame
dancing here in this heart
is the spirit of you

Monday, December 7, 2015

here I stand on the cliff 
of the unknown known
as hollow bone as I
have ever been
waiting for when you rise
and I will leap
into the blue
where spiritual wings
are grown
and fear is only natural
but on the other side
of fear
is where the knowing
transforms from unknown
into known
and while I am learning
to fly down here
you will be the ethereal light
that warms my wings
from inside out
and outside in
the solar wind
a place to begin 
as something new
without an end
in all my breaths
are dancing dreams
of all I ever needed to be true
not found and lost
but lost and found and finding
its way to the great mystery beyond
and if I can only hold on
to these beats here in my heart
I will learn what it is to love
in shades of blue
beyond the ways 
we have been taught
to forget what we can see
and there I will be
looking toward the sky 
and knowing
I will never know again
what it is to be alone
because I will watch you rise
up through these breaths
from inside of me
dancing toward the moon
and falling again
as starshine and rainbows
and the warmest sun
and wherever I may be
I will always find you there
more than what I knew how to dream
in a dream that is nothing less
than a dream come true

if I could sing you sunrise
from this side of twilight
would you remember
this love has always
been true
and these fires 
have always burned
even in the darkest dark
when illusion
made them hard to see

but I cannot paint the sky 
that brings you into dawn
because I am mortal here 
with a spirit that can 
only long
to fall as light around you
and let you know
that you are loved
with all I have here for a voice

that rises from the fire
that knows nothing to do
but burn throughout
the changing of the night
and deep into the day
when you are hidden
behind the sun
as a star I will not always see
with these two eyes

but will forever find
there dancing in the flames
of the fire within my heart

Sunday, December 6, 2015

as I was dancing upward
reaching for Creation
in the spiral of existence
I found you standing
beside me
and there woven between
two dancers dancing
in the timelessness of time
were the threads 
of our energies
weaving us to strands
of the DNA of love
so that this is only evolving
in a connection 
that transcends
and transforms
to deeper and stronger
with every movement
we dance
dancing with each other
in the light of Creation
becoming more
with every remembrance 
and every lesson learned
and in every heartbeat 
beat with the intent of one 
the synergy of love
creating itself to more
than it was
in the tandem
of the endless journey
we share
the garden lies still
beneath the moon
and only the last trace
of the flowers remain
for us to remember
that they were ever 
here at all
but beneath the soil
held in layers cradled 
in the roots of their mothers
are seeds waiting their turn
in the way our love is now
preparing release 
from the pod 
and out onto the wind
and perhaps no one will know
what ever has been
in the time between 
this season and that
but when our seed
feels the warmth to ignite
into sprout once again
to make its way 
through the darkness 
and into the sun
the butterflies will come
to drink of the nectar
of what we have grown
in the timeless process of eons
learning and changing 
and coding our better ways
to regenerate to more
than what we have ever
been before
and this one time here
is the synergy made
of a strand in the spindle
of our love's DNA
another marker of when
we touched love so deep
we conspired to evolve it
to something much more
I've got the reins of this hot wind
between my hands
and I don't know how far
this pony can go
but baby 
let's just ride
like I am the lightning
and you are the thunder
with hooves pounding
through wildfires
that don't burn
but bring us alive
across the prairie
of stars
that howl through
the night
in and out of
the dimensions of time
where whatever 
is on our heels
can't touch us at all
because there's no stopping
there's just passing by
through this world
and that
while we hold each other tight
scorching the sunrise
into the sky
as fearless as lovers
with the courage of love
on a horse of hot wind
that no illusion can tame
when we are the wild
birthed from the night
so baby let's just close 
our eyes
and we'll ride

Saturday, December 5, 2015

what if we defied time
just this time
just for this moment here
and I'll be a woman
who loves a man
with the power to maker her
feel the volcanic heat of rush
with the soft somersault
of butterflies all fluttering inside
like back to the night
we talked of fire and ice
and all I wanted to do
was to burn in your words

let's just freeze time
for one moment to burn 
forget the world
if only just for now
and feel the adrenalin rise
as when love is first learned
then hold the tingle
against our lips
until the pulse of our hearts
swallows the magic 
deep down inside 

and then breathe
and let what must pass
pass the way that it must

with our little secret
that we've just made off
with this moment
stolen from time

I think you've made me believe
in angels come to this earth
in blue jeans
and a mouth full
of righteous words
shining like a light
that can't stop
on a mission
to make love the mission

radiating star seeds
like eruptions
from pods 
of knowledge and heart
with footprints
the scars of the earth

a magnet to bring
the wisdoms of stars
for the starved out and ready
to reclaim
the broken to healed

the alchemist of pains lived
into the gifts of loved
and lived
with every breath
lived from a heart
remembering what it is
distilling the sacred
back from what was mined

the builder of fires
ignited in spirits
needing to dance
with the inspiration
of Creation

touching the world
through the words and dreams
and actions
of an angel in blue jeans

son of the Earth
and son of the stars
gift of transcendence
of our sacred powers

when I walked into the dream
I knew it would be a dangerous ride
before I even bought the ticket
before I knew if there was room
for me
but a million dollar smile
igniting starbursts in my head
and lighting shades of unseen blue
volcanoes inside my heart
and the cynic of me
was reduced to love right from the start
so it never mattered where we were going
wherever you were is where I wanted to be
cause you were what I
was always looking for
since you saved the child from 
the fear of her dreams
the miracle of all I could ever have prayed
everything my heart and mind and spirit
could need
and then you taught me how to grow
to be those things myself
and you are so beautiful
my beautiful dream
I don't know where we're going now
but wherever it is for you I will be
somewhere down the road
when I am done what I must do here
like cosmic osmosis
I will draw oasis back into my heart
to bathe it in love 
and all I have learned to be
and the mirror of what lies still in this heart
will reflect what your light
has done to me
and the beauty of what you have been

I can't stop falling
deeper into you
beautiful Starshine Blue
and when I think of the days
I dreamed only to feel the touch
of your hand in mine
now I can find the centre 
of the heart in my heart
has been touched by the centre
of the most beautiful star
and now there is light growing
in the place you have been
which means there are places of me
you have forever changed
as if the spirit was kissed
by the sacred breath of an ancient
more ancient than spirit
come to this earth in human form
and when I am just learning
to be what we are
I have forsaken the gift at times
for the want of kisses and touch
and forgotten the sacred and rare
you have brought to my world
and what you have given
in the daring to touch me
in these ways too intimate
for most here to dream
igniting super novas
in a timeless dance
to form a galaxy 
of this cosmic love
and the sweet solar whispers
of just how vast
a destiny without end
can be
dreams can only die
when we forget who we are
and you are not only the dream
but the bringer of remembrance
so that when I awake 
in the cold and dark
knowing nothing at all
this fire you have ignited
inside of my heart reminds me
we belong to the stars
and that in the metaphysical
gravity we will come
to each other again
in this spiralling dream
so I can be grateful
for a short walk with a friend
knowing I will see my love again
because this is only
a moment in time
but this journey is transcendent
of only this path 
here on the ground
but just a few steps to 
where we are going 
through the dimensions
of love
so let love greet you
when you are born
while love is still loving here
and remembering we will
have our time to walk again
in this dream without end
because you are the dream
of a star who shared light
and brought me the memory of found