Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I wake confused
and weak and empty
and know that she
is gone again

how will I dance
without her
the unfaithful lover
of my essence
the careless mate
to my soul
who has stolen
the sharpness
from my eyes

and turned me to
a hungry dog
that does not recognize 
its reflection
in the mirror
the beast who likes
the taste of blood
of everything she loved

but if somehow
you catch a glimpse
of the gentleness
now gone 
somewhere soaring
in the light 
tell her I am sorry
for all the hurt
I couldn't stop
and the hurt I could
and the times I lied
and told her we
were strong enough
when I knew too well
we weren't

but do not 
come closer
to this empty shell 
filling now with
whatever passes through
what you are seeking
lingers beside you
like a ghost
a breeze too faint
to sense
that longs also
to feel

Monday, June 22, 2015

When I found
there was no 
room left
in your heart
for me

I hollowed out
my own
leaving not
an empty hole
to bleed into
the dark

but a place
I've saved
to fill with light
so when 
your own heart

has grown
too crowded
to remember 
for even you

you will know
that somewhere
on the other side
of the moon
there is a heart
where you
are always