Saturday, November 21, 2015

feeling like I'd rather be
anything but "it" again
in this cosmic game of tag
when all the heart of earth 
can want
is to be a mortal girl
with warmth inside her hands
and words she only
has to hear
like sweet nothings 
can seem easy to believe

but then you are the clarity
that is made of sense
the ghost lover who seduces 
the layers of the day
to naked and exposed
the bringer of innocence
where ignorance grew its roots
from the time the garden opened 
and it was said 
that one went with the other
when in truth they are opposed

you are the proof of knowing
I have starved out 
with hunger for
to ripe and dangling from
the straining limb
when coming of celestial age
requires the loss of ignorance
for innocence played in games
like children running wild
in the rooms of endless times

and if you hide
then I will seek
through gardens we imagine 
and build with what 
we both can clearly see
so if I'm tagged again to "it"
don't think you'll get too far
with my unshaded eyes
that are keening 
to seeing inside the dark
I will find you in this dream
and we can play at games 
of cosmic make believe
woven of illuminations
of what real is really real

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