Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I press this mound of soft earth
between my hands
as if the pressure
could make it stone
like a monument made in heart
and warmed through by the sun
so when you pass it by
somewhere in some other time
you will know how much
I loved you here
while I am loving you 
all through the web
of dimensions that fall beneath
and beyond this sky

in all the unravelled strings 
of all the ways 
that we have loved
spun to a spiralling dream catcher
to catch our dreams
and birth the dreams 
our dreams have dreamed
the way you left me 
the image of your face
carved into the moon
and the saviour that saved
the little girl 
from the nightmare of her haunts
so that I could know you too

let this earth here be
familiar to your touch
and as permanent as stone
let it be known
that all throughout this tangled wheel
are girls who no longer 
know how to sleep 
without prayers of you to come
and women who sing you to them
in their dreams 
and those who stare up at the sky
and wonder where you are
and all of them are me
waiting for you to find them
so they can love you
once again

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