Thursday, November 26, 2015

this heart was like a ruin
left neglected in some 
memories buried beneath
the weight of cairns 
of stones made heavy 
with regret and stasis
when all that grew here 
was strip mined down
to soil that lost its strength 
for sustenance 
and receiving light

and then came 
the craved for 
unexpected rains
that filled the empty places
to oasis pools of clarification 
and even through the storms
electric and volatile
and dangerous with fire
the seeds began to reawaken
and this graveyard 
in this barren and forsaken land
turned to a garden
that wanted to grow up wild
from the once dry mouth
of mausoleum
as butterflies 
releasing memories 
from their stone sarcophagi 
to pollinate new dreams

down through the pale deep roots
to hold this space
for fragrances of love to dance
and birds to sing the songs 
that cried once for understanding
vulnerable fruits begging
to be tasted and to nourish
and then all my heart
became desire
to offer safety in invitation
for you to stay here 
when you have need
in arms of grown soft
to sprawling
in the way the branches thrive
for you to always reach
that no distance ever
be too far


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