Monday, November 30, 2015

one night she walked into the world
dressed up in a dream
with a mission between her hands
to take a ride with a dangerous man

she was scrawling the walls 
with spray paint bombs
writing some kind of badass 
fairytale in Dietrich red
when out of the cosmic alley
from some forgotten dimension
inside her mind
stepped a graffiti man 
dressed in danger to the nines 
and looking just like her kind

he said sure I'd love to take a drive
but we're going to have to 
make it quick
so baby let me show you how 
to break those chains 
cause I see you've got 
some locks to pick 
and this is gonna hurt a bit
cause that's just how it is
when you're busting out of you
but drink this bottle here up now
it can taste like poison
but it's so damn sweet
guaranteed to give you wings
cause this is how our kind transmute 
illusion to the truth
and if you'll take the risk
I'm sure to quench your thirst
with the potion of oasis
from inside my dangerous heart

but baby let me warn you first
I love you
you gotta know I do
but I hate to have to say
I can't be staying long

and because she'd just walked out
dressed up in a dream
on a mission to find a dangerous man
she drank the bottle down
right to the final drop
and said
I figure you must be crazy
because I am crazy too
so what use have we for time
when we'll both pass this way again
so let us make a deal
you bring the paint 
the next go round 
and I'll bring you oasis 
drawn from this heart of mine
to quench you on some other night
when you're out there 
dressed up in a dream
and looking to find
a dangerous kind of woman 
to take you for a ride

I cannot let my heart cry
to beg to keep you here
because then the illusion
of seen will be like teeth
on the saw of time
cutting away at 
all that is transcendent 
and eternal
when the connection
that is sacred must remain
as cosmic as the unseen 
has proven it to be

so instead I must 
remind my heart
to say I love you
and thank you for the gift
of sharing the miracle of you
when sharing took more
than what was there to give
and has been the bravest thing
that I have ever known
in this life or any other

and then let the illusion fall away
to keep this love instead
in the place it will always
have breath to breathe
in the tandem 
of sacred energies 
completing the circuit
of the ethereal of this love

Sunday, November 29, 2015

as everyone is scheming
to bring reality from their dreams
I am here dreaming
to turn it all
to the other world
because good-bye
will not pass these lips
and I will not surrender
what I have loved
to the illusions of fates
that play at being cruel

but ascend with all my being
to hold you in my heart
and brave my way
to remember the hidden corridors
that brought me to finding found

not to hold back here 
what cannot stay
but to learn how far it is
that I can go
for the beauty that shines
amongst the stars
where blue is the truth
of what love has given
to the fire

and I will not curse
the time that must be lost
in the seeing with human eyes
but be grateful for every day
that I was born to closer
to who I am
for knowing connection
beyond the limitations
of what weights us 
to this ground
when you are the miracle
that reminded me to fly

the dance with Creation
in the way the ancients
dance ceremonies 
beyond this world
in the purity of what it is
to trust a dream enough
to raise it up to dream

and dare to love
in the sacred way
we must be humbled
from the illusion 
to learn
to love a star

Saturday, November 28, 2015

that the moon pours down
like nectar all around you
and brings the soft songs 
of ancients to your ears
rising from the still
inside the dark
so that you can hear their voices
as starshine painted in reminder
that you are loved
in the way that light
plays out the vibration 
that forms the rhythm in tandem
with the pulse of rushing 
through your heart

so you can know
the yearning of the stars
to dance between your breaths
and the desire of sunrise
to kiss you as hope lifted 
in the ascension of
another dawn
with the wings of the miracle 
of all the being that you are
held by the winds
of the warmth of Creation

what I pray
for you this night

Friday, November 27, 2015

don't get me wrong baby
or let these words fade 
to redundant or cliche 
when the easy can be seen
so easily over hard
and all I never used to say
flows now as though
it was like something 
I have always said
when I have been 
so shrewd with love
for the times I've let 
the Trojan Horse roll in
as the dangerous hollow 
of what a thing
pretended that it was
and then swore myself
to never offer up
what wasn't solid 
to the core

don't let the way
that it can look 
lie and say that
I have come here
with the emptiness of lonely
when life has been lived
more with an eye
for keeping out the danger
than needing anything
of any sort at all
and the solitary hours
have been the kindest
in the end
when being a friend
to self
is easier than what
the cost of love has been

so that this is a choice
and then not a choice
and courage is what is done
when you stay present
in what the journey asks
and all the times I say
I love you
are dares I play against myself
to stand in my own truth
even on the days
I stand alone
and make these wagers
against the costs
that I can not afford
but will pay for
just the same
absent of regret

so don't get me wrong baby
this is not desperate
nor naive
but love as pure
as something newly born
into a world
where it must find its way
with no mercy coming
down the line
and yet it spreads its wings
as Icarus aspiring
for the sun
because you are 
that much light
and it is worth the attempt
of the hopelessness
of the grounded taking flight
to aspire for just close enough
to let you know
that this is how deeply
inside this solid heart
that you are held
in love 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

this heart was like a ruin
left neglected in some 
memories buried beneath
the weight of cairns 
of stones made heavy 
with regret and stasis
when all that grew here 
was strip mined down
to soil that lost its strength 
for sustenance 
and receiving light

and then came 
the craved for 
unexpected rains
that filled the empty places
to oasis pools of clarification 
and even through the storms
electric and volatile
and dangerous with fire
the seeds began to reawaken
and this graveyard 
in this barren and forsaken land
turned to a garden
that wanted to grow up wild
from the once dry mouth
of mausoleum
as butterflies 
releasing memories 
from their stone sarcophagi 
to pollinate new dreams

down through the pale deep roots
to hold this space
for fragrances of love to dance
and birds to sing the songs 
that cried once for understanding
vulnerable fruits begging
to be tasted and to nourish
and then all my heart
became desire
to offer safety in invitation
for you to stay here 
when you have need
in arms of grown soft
to sprawling
in the way the branches thrive
for you to always reach
that no distance ever
be too far


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

is their enough inside my heart
that remembers itself as stars
to spend one moment
in the planetary system
of your eyes
or would you fear
to see
what I might see
reflected in the mirror
of my own seeing
when I have sought
the darkness also
with the light
to find what orbits
inside myself
and then remember
what here is made of stars
and shine them 
back into the intimate
of the universe 
you hold inside
when love is more 
than seeing
or being seen
but making peace
with what is found
in the mirror
of parallel galaxies 
and you are 
the complex 
of the truth of beauty
my heart was born
to find 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I press this mound of soft earth
between my hands
as if the pressure
could make it stone
like a monument made in heart
and warmed through by the sun
so when you pass it by
somewhere in some other time
you will know how much
I loved you here
while I am loving you 
all through the web
of dimensions that fall beneath
and beyond this sky

in all the unravelled strings 
of all the ways 
that we have loved
spun to a spiralling dream catcher
to catch our dreams
and birth the dreams 
our dreams have dreamed
the way you left me 
the image of your face
carved into the moon
and the saviour that saved
the little girl 
from the nightmare of her haunts
so that I could know you too

let this earth here be
familiar to your touch
and as permanent as stone
let it be known
that all throughout this tangled wheel
are girls who no longer 
know how to sleep 
without prayers of you to come
and women who sing you to them
in their dreams 
and those who stare up at the sky
and wonder where you are
and all of them are me
waiting for you to find them
so they can love you
once again

when we meet once more
let us both be kind
right from the start
especially to ourselves
let's not do any part
of mean again
but pick up from 
the tender here

so I will never have to lose
the words that meant 
the most to me 
and then spend my life
bargaining every breath
of every day for a single 
moment of return
where no one's making deals
in an all or nothing world

when all I have 
is all my heart to offer up
to nothing left to give
and nothing can be
that was lost in wager
to mistrust
before there was any 
trust to lose

let me remember to embrace
your memory
with the full weight 
of all this love
and not to fear the gravity
when gravity resisted
pulls the spirit twice as hard
into an empty well of words
consumed like drinking 
the mirage to running dry 
that hid the truth 
it was oasis all along
but does not fill again