Thursday, November 12, 2015

the dream holds its breath
and waits
for the song of the loon
to flutter ripples through
the calm of the heart
of waters still
with anticipation
for the intimacy
that comes with 
the language of the night
when the stars that bring us
a sense of home
fall like a soft tent
from our skies
and hold us to this earth
in the blanket of their light
and words and dreams
are like fireflies
we coax without 
the need for jars
and you are the songs
and the soft and light
and all the things that flutter
with ripples in the dark
the shy that grows close 
when the day surrenders end
of what the obvious can see
and we are left to find our way
to meet inside a dream
when all have found their sleep
but we are wide awake
and swimming in the trembling heart
of waters lit by stars

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