Monday, November 9, 2015

I love you like
an ancient wound
I have tried and tried
again to heal
but always seemed
to fail so that
this life fees like
the last grain
of sand falling 
through the glass
the last go round
to get it right

I love you like
an ancient joy
once lost
familiar as the scent
of earth that drinks
the rain
and laughs with flowers
from its mouth
something warm
and soft to touch
a place I might return
as naturally as any 
nature's way

I love you like
a second miracle
a miracle only
because you are
and then because 
you are all
the wanting nurture stars
I have found
within myself
painted to a constellation
that asks me 
to make peace with light
to heal what I have carried
from this world 
and the last
to let the laughter echo

like sacred through 
each time perceived
to knit the broken bones
of eternal yesterdays
with love that loves
transcendent into blue
to bring all the hearts
that we have held
as mirrors unto the other
in the cosmic divine
of second found again
to close the ancient wound

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