Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I am trying to figure out
how to walk against 
the gravity of want

the want that wants to dance
through this world 
as if it was not a weight
to be carried

the want that wants 
to hear its name
whispered in the dark
and then to rise up
like molten fire
from in the belly of the earth
to take into its body
everything it wants
in the ways that passions consume
without a taste for mercy

the want that wants to be
hot like breath that has nothing
it must hold back
like eyes that blaze starlight
without shading themselves
from the risk of what seeing sees
when it looks back at seeing

the want to burn the borders down
and let the hungry rush
to drink their fill
and feast on everything sweet
that has stood a lifetime
beyond the reach of hunger's need

and then sometimes
all that want can want
is only to stop wanting
and forget that what it is 
is wanting
when wanting 
does not get 
to want
when wanting
wants most
what is best
to want for you

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