Saturday, September 10, 2016

somehow the feel
of warm tears spilling
on my cheeks
got all mixed around
so that when
the tears come
in that torrent
of surrender
lacking in violence
like blood pouring
from a ghost
I feel baptized
in the rapture of love
for the times
since you ascended
I have cried that way
for you

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

what will they do next
build a ceiling
to the sun
to charge us
for the necessity
of the light

just like they've damed
the rivers
until even the bears
can't eat the fish
and mighty waters
whither to dying streams

just like they build
their walls
to keep men chained
without the chains
to factories
and to fields

and fresh air
becomes a trend
enjoyed as social pleasure
like grabbing a Starbucks
or a beer

who was born
with the title in their hands
to claim the moon and stars
or the water and the ground

how does one hold deed
to this Mother Earth
who gave us life
and will take it back
and be here still
one million years
after the hands of greed
have turned
to dust

Monday, September 5, 2016

water breaks us
into this world

nourishes these bodies
so our spirits
may touch the earth
of creation

creates sacred portals
for life to emerge
in our wombs

bathes us
cleanses us
gives us the gift
of tears
so we may heal

and when we return
to the other side
it is water from the eyes
of those who have seen us
who will break our birthing
back to home

we are water
flowing from our own
long journey
from ancestor
to descendant

carrying also
the energy
of those who came before
through to those
who are yet to come

cleansing our generations

resilience circumventing

breaking back always
to the birthing
of our spirits
in the flow
of their good way