Friday, November 20, 2015

we are like blind embers
in the belly of the chaga
who cannot see where destiny
has in mind for us to go
but when we get there
we will burn
with the quality of stars
that have drawn the gathering
since the ancients of the ancients
to share their dreams with fire

so that if we are fire
we must also be celestial too
come to earth to dream 
with every act of ignition
a remembrance of who we really are
and the lightning from which we birthed
and gave the beat and breath 
to earth that once stood still

and while we come ourselves to fires
and pray to stars to manifest our dreams
we are the promise of fire
the ancients of the ancients gather for
the children of the embers 
they themselves have dreamed
and when we get to where we're going
they will delight to watch us burn

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