Saturday, July 30, 2016

I'm trying to live in the now
between whatever
alleviates the past
and whatever doesn't
fuck the future up too much

somehow I'm pretty sure
I haven't got that quite right
but it gets me by
for now

Monday, July 25, 2016

will transcend
when the actualization
of intuitionalization
triumphs over
the cognitive dissonance
of the rationalization
of institutionalization

Sunday, July 10, 2016

the problem with man-u-fractured
is that it makes a factory
out of man
replacing the hu[e]
and the being--
the colour
and the spirit
of being
a hu-man-being

Wine and Blood

they say wine
is the blood of Christ
but look where the wine
has got us
and what the blood
of martyrs has done
with manufactured
and indoctrinated violence
guiding us to our graves

what if we just agree
that to suffer for the people
should come from humility
and we don't need
fermented joy
confined within a flask

but if we're going to
suffer for the people
make sure
we remember how to laugh
because there is nothing
worth suffering for
but love

and the world
has never been
a better place
because of martyrs
drunk on wine
and their own blood

I've always said that wisdom
was more important
than happiness
or love
or peace
because I've lived
so much without

but what is the point
of wisdom
if not to attain these things

when to live without
a sense of each
is to go without
a sense of wisdom too

Saturday, July 9, 2016

maybe it's not about
how much time
I spend in my head
but the time I spend
revolving and devolving
as the flip side of evolving
when it's up to me to decide
if I want to dance
with the wounds that bring me
downward in descension
or court the clarity
in the perceptions
of truth and healing
that raise transcendent
in ascension

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Half Life

I lived half my life
with my spirit separated
from my body

I'm living this half
with my body separated
from my spirit

in the conversion of
zombie turned to ghost
and it's all about
escaping the pain

like the more of me
there is to feel
the more it gets too crowded
so I'm running it all
on a time share
kind of scheme

but then maybe the pain
isn't really so much to take
when it gets dispersed
between the both
of the body and the spirit

I think I'll have to
try that out
in the half
that comes after
the half I'm living now