Monday, November 23, 2015

at the other end of my dreams
waits a dream
dressed in sunrise
and the sheen of the moon
yielding my reality to reality
with the illumination
of light bringing light
and then light made brighter
in the necessary of dark

opening infinite pathways
into interverse
and back through 
the outer of galaxies
in parallel strings
of constellations
constructed by moment
stitched to moment
and then the remembered 
to songs remembered
ahead of time

stardust on the back 
of the neck as breath 
like a promise tomorrow 
need not give surrender
to ash that cannot 
find flight again
but with wings outstretched 
claim victory 
in how many times
the light can rise
as more than hope or belief
but knowing that comes
in the dreams that meet me
at the end of my dreams

these are what you are to me
the light and the dream 
and the promise to rise

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