Sunday, November 29, 2015

as everyone is scheming
to bring reality from their dreams
I am here dreaming
to turn it all
to the other world
because good-bye
will not pass these lips
and I will not surrender
what I have loved
to the illusions of fates
that play at being cruel

but ascend with all my being
to hold you in my heart
and brave my way
to remember the hidden corridors
that brought me to finding found

not to hold back here 
what cannot stay
but to learn how far it is
that I can go
for the beauty that shines
amongst the stars
where blue is the truth
of what love has given
to the fire

and I will not curse
the time that must be lost
in the seeing with human eyes
but be grateful for every day
that I was born to closer
to who I am
for knowing connection
beyond the limitations
of what weights us 
to this ground
when you are the miracle
that reminded me to fly

the dance with Creation
in the way the ancients
dance ceremonies 
beyond this world
in the purity of what it is
to trust a dream enough
to raise it up to dream

and dare to love
in the sacred way
we must be humbled
from the illusion 
to learn
to love a star

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