Monday, August 31, 2015

I no longer know
what's the up
and what's the down
and if there's still
an ebb and flow
so all that I 
can give tonight
are the words
only the heart 
can speak
and only a heart
that wants to hear
can feel 
but they've been 
written just the same 
and sent out
on their own way

Sunday, August 30, 2015

we don't beg for mercy here
even from our knees
that's just not our way
so I can't teach you
to make your peace
anymore than I can
give redemption
but compassion for the self 
is an ever flowing river
from inter into outer verse
waiting for the braver than the brave
to wade into its depths

when all we've learned is fire
and how to work in burn
still there comes a time
the waters gotta soothe
when combusting brands the soul
and there's nothing left to do
but give and take the swim

and no I can't fight the currents
that must belong to you
when I've gotta keep my head
above the water too
but come the Sirens come the sharks
baby they can bring it on
cause I won't beg for mercy
and I won't let you
swim alone

Saturday, August 29, 2015

when they come
I'll take my flight
with Swans into Nachine
slipping past the confines
of borders made of time
and find my way inside
the cosmic womb of dream 
to remember there to sing
the songs composed of stars
and connected to the heart
of all the source of life
beyond this living here
when the universe was still
the only mother you had known
and all the world sang harmonies
between the light and dark
to give you days of warmth
and nights to count 
the astral aspirations
the stars dreamed just for you
and while you're staring
into the depths of sky
listen for the wings of Swans
transcending past the veil
I will send the songs with them
to bring them to your heart
so you can hear them once again
and remember who you are

with the cosmic thread
the Spider spun
in ever reaching 
I will stitch the stars
like patchwork
for wrapping spirit
in prayers of
silver quilt
to warm you 
through this

Thursday, August 27, 2015

this is what it's like
to love in sacred
to refract in Creation
to be revealed as the colour
I could not dream 
that I'd be born to be
blending into other 
colours dreamed 
by a universe of infinite hue
all painting the heavens 
for you
be it you chose to lift 
your eyes  or not
to see the dances
danced by ancients
and those with flesh
of heart to love
and the seeds not yet 
to germinate their way
into the finite of this time
the light seen through 
until awakened by 
the prismatic
that asks it to carry 
the language
of cosmic love letters
written in the ink 
of immeasurable altitudes
to briefly stain the sky
with what time may wash away 
as the impermanent colour
of human love
but cannot be erased
only just returned 
and interconnected to the source
that shines with your name
warm upon it lips

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

when the rivers all run dry
I will fill them with my tears
when breath steals up into the sky
like ghosts escaping frozen nights
I will warm the spirit here
with blood like lava from my heart
to give her fire for her way
to cascade down in rays of dream
with fingers soft to touch your neck
the warmth that is
but isn't there
and trying to hold you
just the same 
when the rivers sent 
have turned too cold
before they flow
to meet you there

Monday, August 24, 2015

struggling through this life
that only cares what I get done
closed my eyes to reach for numb
when the tickle landed on my lips
butterfly wings still wet and kissed
with the scent of flowers they have known
the little flutter that seduced the smile
that lingered through the chaos
and constant trial
and rippled cross my day
and that's just how it is with you
the way you bring the little joys
that break the constant noise
and fuse the music with the air
that fills into my lungs
to raise me from illusion's weight
and dance me from this world

for those who go ahead
we enter into night
before the sun has yet 
formed wings to rise
carrying on our backs
a skin so thin
we save ourselves from elements
only through our scars

and keep from freezing
through the dark
by cultivating our own embers
until we learn to make them burn
and when the wildfires 
come sweeping from a far but swift 
it is our own sparks we use to turn
all that stands around us
to ashes on the ground
the cherished into charred
and barren lands 
of bones stripped bare
with nothing for the wild 
and hungry fires
to dare visit to consume 
and in the camouflage we hide
safe from being burned

then with the ashes 
of long extinguished fires
left clogging up the pathways 
to where we once perceived
all that was beautiful in this world
we have felt the taste of thirst
so deep inside our throats
that we've acquired the sense
to catch the scent of water 
from in our dreams

for those who go ahead 
we are known 
by our suffering and survival
as much as our endurance 
and our will to shine
broken and tested 
and dropped to our knees
earning every lesson 
with the greatest sacrifice 
of tributes paid in heart and blood
and watered with our tears
in the sacred alchemy that earns 
the knowledge it takes 
to live here in this place 
as is our way
to share it 
with those who follow next

Friday, August 21, 2015

there's nothing I can do tonight
to fix tomorrow 
as if denying dreams
could push back the light
that brings the dark
when the shining casts
long shadows 
and still
it's all it knows
to do
I didn't come to tell you
that it will be OK
I never held no magic
and I'm not gonna lie
and maybe you can hate me
cause I'll never figure how
to visit you in darkness
and find you where you go

so looking through the distance
when I just stand and watch
you only see spectation
and my voice too small gets lost
so that all of it you hear there
gets mixed with Siren songs
when I'm not the kind to lure the weak
who've forgotten they're the strong

I'm only weaving lullabies 
to calm you through the fray
when magic never comes 
and self-consumption ain't enough
and open eyes block out the light
to hearts too tender for the sun

but perhaps these sounds 
might reach you 
somewhere out there
on the wind
and when your mistress darkness 
decides she's finally done
you'll catch these words inside your sails
and ride them back again

the stars look out
into the sky
to feel the weight 
of darkness
and the distance
in the space 
and the cold 
you gotta live in
when you are born 
to burn

some down on 
this planet
stare into the night
and count each
lonely ember 
to know they're not

but we look up 
to measure
the distance in the space
and the darkness
that surrounds
and the prices
we have paid
in the freeze 
that is exacted
when you are born 
to burn

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

if I could break you
from the gravity of the moon
would you lay your waves against my shore
or permanently recede to wherever it is you go
when you're ebbing with the flow

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I can't tell you why
cause I don't know myself
but only what this is exists
and must be held most gently
with courage in the heart
so that I will find my way
to give you what the prince
was requested by the fox
and in the distance
where I stand
forget the steps between
but mark only the measures
of the times I kept my word
without taming as the aim
and offered up my presence
just to show you I am here
so you can know
your worth to me
and remember
you are loved

Sunday, August 16, 2015

between memories remembered
and forgotten 
and speculation of what's
to come
the only thing that's true
is now

and real just might be
really real
and love been more awakened
as germination of a seed
than emergence from
a dream

so that the risk imagined
was the risk already taken
when the crack formed
in the shell

and what is growing doesn't care
if we're skeptical enough to ask
if the sun is out there waiting
for it to reach the sky

not negligent enough to view
the subterraneanous of love
as crafted from delusion
or only just a phase

but knowing in the now
the essential of the earth
to roots for stems in winds
that have to still stand tall

so that there is honouring
in the journey
exceeding blind frustration 
for groping for the day

and what is growing
matters less
than that it dared
to face the dark
for the chance to reach the light
for the chance to find its way

let the mind stand still
and I'll find quiet too
and we won't say a word
just send our thoughts out
to the stars
to travel merry-go-rounds 
around the earth
to return in light
as pure as rain

Saturday, August 15, 2015

a wise one told me that the spirit
ain't as far as we go back
cause we're born in the mystery
that dawned so long before

and here I've been so busy
thinking we were of same kind 
and not that we're the same 
when before we came from stars
we were birthed together with the light

and while moons grow small with distance
the sacred tunnels in my code
connect me with the unseeing eyes
that feel you in the cosmic memory 
that whisper tales in quantum song
that you and I were born 
before the birth of time

or the spirits grew to being
so that I became this name
and you were known by that
in the illusion that has forgotten
these are only growing details
not labels for divide

and so when you stand in silence
if I am hearing you are dancing still
with the pulse of metaphysic heart
that beat itself to being
in the contraction and the opening
in perpetuation it receives
and sends again in flow

to carry forth the mystery 
that makes its way
from me to you and you to me 
in rushes of divine that sometimes ebb
but born outside of time
can not learn how to stop

as oxygen is born from centres 
of the burning stars
breathing of your light
ignites perpetual fire
so that all I dream to do
is breathe you from your core
just to give you breath
to set your soul

I wish I was an angel
not to shake
the dust out of
these bones
or find my way 
to pure again

but for the rules
the angels 
don't abide
for the quality 
of gentle
without the need
to hide
from the ones 
they dream
to cradle
with the mystery
of light 

and I would damn
the distance
and martyr
steps of miles
just to bring 
the healing
to be loved like this
can bring

hold you as a ghost
that can take nothing
in return
but sends the demons
from the night 
and wraps you in
in its courage
that can't be touched
by time