Monday, November 2, 2015

between all the ins and outs
and secret doors
known only to the stars
I am the woman 
who dreamed of fire
just to be one of them
and know the passage 
to the place 
where I can hear
the way your heart 
beats with the sound
of Mother Earth
all up through
the body of the spirit
that can be touched
and I can taste the breath
that weaves itself
from world to world
chase it through
the inter depths of night
until the dream
steps through the secret door
between the last and next
rising up like smoke
from in the now 
from in between
the ins and outs
somewhere where you
no longer hide
and you have dreamed
yourself to fire
to find my heart 
and breath 
to hold you in the sky
and teach you the secret
of the secret doors
to find your way
to me

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