Thursday, October 8, 2015

we come into this world
meant to manifest our hearts
as corvids 
sharing the dreams
we scavenge
and the light we find
with more concern 
for the nourishing
of each other
than the empty bellies
we hold in
famished winters

but we are creatures
of fear
formed to hungry wolves
asserting the supremacy
of how vicious
we can be
in the ways that
alphas best survive
or assuming the indifference
for omega roles
so there is only
those who take
and those who take
the scraps of
yesterday as though
not enough
was cause for

I have been a wolf
too long
the alpha and omega 
and the lone
with only hunger
on the tongue
and hair raised
on my back
but still with longing
to offer
what can be shared 

let my heart 
grow wings again
as it was when
it was spirit
let me draw 
these dreams up
from under
every recent snow
let me surrender
the light from between 
my jaws
let me masticate
whatever has nourished
this weathered soul
with the humility
of one who has
but crumbs to offer
yet offers all

if only I can relearn
this way of ravens 
at least 
for you

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