Thursday, October 22, 2015

you are the face to the whispers
from in my dreams since I arrived
the insatiable manna
that grows my hunger for more
the sense I will lose
and the alien I must be again
in the vacuum of vampiric space 
if this gravity should ever let go
the way the cold finds invitation
in the footprint of a kiss

but you are also the memory
that burns like a fire
that can never fade to a wisp
of smoke cast to the fate of the wind
you are the music
that comes from within
implanted under the skin
but also the rain
that comes from without
and nourishes dawns
that cannot fall dormant again
the salvation not from absolving
a birth shrouded in sin
but the peeling of prisons
encasing the mind
and subserving the soul
to the lie

so that even in silence
there is something of you
whispering there
from deep in my heart
where I have had to find you
to find you
but also to find myself
the lingering and vanishing
like breath in the lungs 
the cosmic in and then out
that oxygenates the blood 
the illumination 
the sun
that calls the bloom from bud

the promise that the girl
who was born to this world
to forget herself
would remember
and could not forget

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