Wednesday, October 28, 2015

all I want to do is just
let the world fall away
from these tired hands
wipe away the make-up
that gets painted like an armour
to get through the day by day
stand here naked and exposed
and unapologetic 
for the scars that have been made
not only by others
but also the ones 
that I ought to have shame for
because they were made by me
stand here uncaring of the cracks
where the show of illusion
has too often found its stage
and let those cracks just be
a place to feel the beauty deep
to risk with knowing 
what slips in between the ribs
is what can fill the lungs with light
or lacerate straight through the heart
because in the moments
before the have to hurt
I want to know what it is to breathe
to stand here in my own free
exactly as I am 
without the second body
within which I have been encased
and ask for nothing more
than to just be for once
what my spirit wants to be
and to learn what it is to love
what it is to love you
from the authentic sacred self

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