Friday, October 23, 2015

somewhere under the blue
somewhere deep and true
to be like children again
to remember how to laugh
and love
without the armour
made of scars
of life that's gone too far
and the resistance 
against the chains
that cut the flesh
when getting cut
has been too often
the only way 
to free the day
from the definition of the names
that make commodities 
of the happiness that's 
always been
our right 

somewhere to play
with miracles that kiss us
with their wings
of prayers we never had
to claim
or ask redemption for
somewhere to remember
imagination is reality too
somewhere to be gentle
without having to be
with words that flow raw
but on breath that is sweet
forgiveness a well
that runs too deep
to swallow our pennies
but still can keep
our secrets 
yet grant us
our wildest dreams

somewhere deep and blue
somewhere with you
if not today then someday
without a name
in some near or far away
the place I wish to return
somewhere in the memory
of time within the dimensions
of unseen time
that is not the the kind 
you wait to come again
and not the end
but the place you work
to unearth
somewhere beneath
the ghost of the children
we have been
inside the mystery
of ancients we are

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