Saturday, October 24, 2015

the season that comes
hard on the heels of today
should have me waiting
for the sting of the flutter
of snowflakes against the face
but on the unexpectant wind 
has come a kaleidoscope 
of animated stars
all winged with fire
like a Chinook rising up
from the heart

tomorrows may bring 
what they will
but today is for burning
like butterflies that've returned
and all I wanna do is fly
without ever leaving the ground
as though only this moment counts

and the migration of volcanoes
from springs once forgot
that no one else can see
like secret languages
only we can speak
are written in fire and wings
from the core of the earth
to the centre of our own stars

and I am reaching up between 
the palpations 
of the metamorphosized
from the salt of the earth
to touch you there

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