Friday, October 30, 2015

I keep the gate to this
secret garden locked
but I know that
you are as a bird
or maybe a butterfly
something soft and shy
and winged
so that there is always 
invitation for you here
always a place to drink
always a forest of branches 
waiting to hide you
in their arms
and flowers that long
to show you off
and even on the days
you do not come
I will tend what wants to be
a sanctuary
cultivated not to grooming
but to grow as wild 
as wild can grow
and you are free to come and go
however the wind is pleased
to take you on its breeze
and still these things are here
for you to come and rest
to find safety in love's nest
or wander through
to discover and unearth
if curiosity should ask
but it is here each night
and day 
and all you need to do
is find your way 
to where this hidden place
is not a secret 
kept from you

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