Sunday, October 11, 2015

sometimes I see you
a kite with no string
floating in the sky
a sun I cannot touch
vanishing behind
the curtain of horizon
and you are gone
then I forget
when I am trying to reach you
that you are not there
not where you appear to be
but somewhere everywhere
somewhere I cannot see into

and I must be silent
letting only the heart speak
because where you are
cannot hear the words I send
or if you do they come through
as muffled convulsions
of what I have meant
until in frustration
I mean those words too

sometimes I am also gone
not in darkness or in light
but only wandering somewhere
far from here in absence of
the illusion of what is me

maybe we meet like secret lovers
secret even from our own knowing
behind the curtain of horizon
and all the struggling 
to make it right within ourselves 
between ourselves 
has been redundant
and neither of us are like drifting kites
swept away from the broken strings
of our own selves
but like birds who migrate 
to somewhere much more warm
when the self becomes a cage

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