Sunday, October 25, 2015

I am just a woman
of borrowed flesh 
and bone and blood
and if you dared to share 
a handful of dreams with me
the gamble is what I would do
because I've got no kind of magic
to make them all come true
but I would wrap them 
like ribbons in my hair

so when it felt the world had robbed 
all you'd thought you'd be
while you were lost in sleep
or your hands had held 
your dreams so tight 
they'd fractured into dust
I would call you to remember
the ones I'd kept for you to loose 
the ones I'd worn like woven silk 

and though they'd be
no more than what they ever were
when placed into my hands
I would return them laced 
in the scent of the perfume
of what had lain the closest 
to this heart and mind
returned to you to leave 
a place then bare 
for your fingers through my hair
and your breath upon my heart

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