Monday, October 12, 2015

how distant is too distant
how close is too close
how do the stars know
where they should stand
in the sky
while we scurry around
down here
lost from the day we are born
and trying to find
our way home

when following the heart
means worse 
than having to hurt
but having to be 
the bringer of pains
we've wanted only
to fade to nothing
at all

what is the secret of stars
whisper them to my heart
so I can know
how to be the bringer
of light 
with concern for neither
celestial nor earthly 
when I keep getting
it wrong

trying to understand
where surrender to love
is in orbitation 
and where it defies 
the natural laws 
of what gravity gives
no pardons for those
who break

and the only constant
is the desire to love
and to turn the longings
of the heart
from wants
to illuminations

and to take each day
as it comes
living inside the heart
with no other place
to be at all
but the place 
that offers love
to the sacred of the 
starry distant light
to quench the bringer
of rains that grant

when you are the star I see
at the centre of this universe
where I am lost
but also the thunder
that awakens the dormant
too long
and revives 
the dancing toward dying
and draws it back to reaching 
for the sky

and for every stem that rises
from the earth
and up from the 
slumbering soil
there are aspirations to touch
that sun
and drink the rain each day
when neither can be done
and yet each plant and tree
do not withhold 
the fruit that grows with 
what does come

whisper the secret of flowers
to my heart
let me live somewhere between
the born from earth
and the knowing of stars
for these are languages of love
I wish I could speak
to you
when all I wish to bear
is love

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