Monday, October 26, 2015

baby let's just drive
like the night we hugged red cliffs
so carelessly alive
there was never a need to worry
about the risk that we might fall

and you can be whichever you
you wanna be
and I will learn them all
to the song of hungry tires
eating up the blacktop 
in sync with the rhythm 
of our hearts
consuming every drop of fear
of just how far we know
we both can go

and the only tears 
that we'll let touch our cheeks
are the ones exhilaration 
seduces with the wind
when we are as fast as stars
migrating through 
the stratosphere of this earth
to hold the form of flesh

just to know what it is
to live in the moment
staring down the threat
of the edge
like stars that've come
to find their found
to feel what it is
to put the pedal down
and just drive

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