Saturday, October 17, 2015

soft soft softer now
if I could have a voice
like a cloud
to break the surface
without creating a
single wave
spiral up through
the DNA
and dance the
never ending dimensions
of the Jacob's ladder
in and out
like starlight leaves its light
when it is already 
something else
already the cloak we wear
to have this form
to have a voice

if mine could be reborn
to what burned once in the sky
to burn now in your heart
to be a tiny part
of an infinite interverse
would you discover me someday
lost among the astronomy
of the mystery you are

maybe just one star
in a constellation of many more
holding a space within the dark
just to leave a picture 
for you to dream
when you are dreaming 
in your own skies
something small to softly light
in the deepness inside of you
something like a promise 
in the germination of an
ancient seed
from within the out
of near afar

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