Sunday, October 11, 2015

I have lacked imagination
where it has been vital
to practice in the sacred
as the manifestation
of empathy
that imagination
is meant to be

I could not see
what was not seen
nor hear what was 
not said 
but was there 
in the grasp
of conceptualization 
waiting where the mind
holds the memory 
of cosmic interconnection

and when needed most
I could not recall
my way to understanding 
because it is easy 
to forget
when we take 
for granted
the effort it takes
to hold knowing
beyond the knowing
within the mind
and practice in
the heart

I have fallen too often
from what required
a sacrifice to reach
and grabbed a hold
of how fear can twist
the perception
of what one must give
and what there is 
for one to take

and if love could not
be found
in the appropriation
of imagination
it is because
love was not what 
was coming through
though it was always there
choked off and trying 
to softly sing
through the noise
of phantoms screaming
for what they deemed
was theirs

but all my heart
is reaching now
for stars it cannot touch
as if in the magic of the light
amends could be made
to remove the wounds
already cut

but there is no
turning back the clocks
to dull the blades of time
that have carried the rotations
of what goes through
the mind
when imagination 
has been jacked
by the opposite
of the way the sacred
tells the story
when one remembers
that hearing is 
not the act of waiting
but of seeking 
through the heart

and all that I can do
is pray the demons
silence now
so that even if 
the time to have these
songs be known 
has passed and had its day
I can find my way
at last to the empathetic
of imagination's 
sacred form

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