Tuesday, October 6, 2015

voices run through 
the shadows
like children who 
have not yet learned
to fear the dark
who still remember
the dark
when it was 
the warm maternal 
chaga of 
everything known
and the voices
in from
the light

you are falling
through light
in muffled vibrations
and then as the
song that pierces
too sharply into
the night
and so I must
be falling
through the light
and the darkness
and forgetting
not only
where I have
but where I am

I will find you 
in the cosmic
and you will
discover me
as if for the 
first time
and we will
not know
if it is the cold fire
of light
or the warmth 
of the dark
but we will know
what found means
by the harmony
of the song

and then let go
or fall together
into the next
like children
who have not 
yet learned
to fear the dark
or the no longer
who have not 
yet learned 
to fear
the light

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