Saturday, October 10, 2015

dreams are born
in the place between
the centre of the earth
and the centre of the stars
interversally cosmic stream
cascading in cycles
nonlinear beyond
human imagination

somewhere there
we exist between
the memory and the birth
of what is dreamed
and in dimensions also 
we do not have words to name
while anchored momentarily
in this place

and just as no one can tell
the sky when not to rain
or stop the waters
from collecting in rivers
of destinations that lead 
unstoppable to other 
ethereal destinations
this too will find its way

to oceans not yet seen
in dreams still hidden 
from the eyes
meandering through dimensions
beyond the comprehending

and somewhere between
the heart of the earth
and the fire of the stars
finding our way like spirit
beads of of rain
we will be the seekers
and the found
existing in the flow

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