Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I lied when I said
I could be anything
but a dragon
with a primal wound
who could hold back
a nature I was trying
so hard to shed
but the damage was
beneath the scales
where good intentions
could not exfoliate
the self preservation
it takes to keep a monster
upright in the day

and I couldn't
learn to face
that my armour
was too weak
to take the lance
when taking it
was the only choice
to keep what 
I loved safe

so I will build 
the fires now
with my fires
to leave in the places
where I hide
and then hide
from those places too
fires for warming
existing beyond
my breath
from the heart
but on the ground
as embers in the dark
let go

but be cautious 
for I am a liar
who turns her 
own promises
to ash

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