Tuesday, October 13, 2015

this is not waiting
it is awaking
and choosing
to pick the dream up
to carry in my heart
each day

to feel what it is
to love
only to honour
what it is to love

to know the seasons
come and go
not by days marked
on the page
but by the transforming
of each phase 
into next
when the days of change
decide that they 
will come

and living does not follow
by how the earth
is dressed
but by the choice 
of every breath
to decide what whispers
it will give 
to decorate the sky

and so these breaths
are for the telling
of the heart
and nothing more

when the sun will set
or wake again to rise
this dream is transcendent 
of how the heavens
holds their light

and cannot be enslaved
by the linear illusion
that humans name
as time

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