Thursday, December 3, 2015

you are the light
I could not resist 
the electromagnetic
radiant divine
the star shine
the mystery that makes
the cosmic sacred
the wondrous portals
to places with scents 
of ancestral homes

and how could I ever be
all that was needed for that 
when my heart wanted only
to have been born 
as an angel's heart
so I had more to bring you
than the weight 
of these scars

you are ethereal and beauty
the sweet song in the wind
and the honey 
that drips from the sun

and I am only a mortal
clawing and scratching
to make each day

but in my dreams 
I have dreamed
to be more than this
like the cripples who dream
they will dance

I am sorry my legs 
were not strong 
for holding me steady
and that I came thinking
that I could just fly
by wishing my wings into ready
and then it would mean
nothing at all
that I could only crawl

because that is 
what love does 
when it is caught
in cosmic attraction
it makes you believe
you have wings
and that you can be all
you are needed to be
as light meeting light
and not the shadow 
that falls

and you are just 
so damn beautiful
I couldn't resist
to try and be more
than I was
when holding love
more infinite than the skies
more lasting than sun
and the moon and the stars
needed the strength of an angel
where there was none
but you
the one I was called
so deeply to love

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