Saturday, December 5, 2015

when I walked into the dream
I knew it would be a dangerous ride
before I even bought the ticket
before I knew if there was room
for me
but a million dollar smile
igniting starbursts in my head
and lighting shades of unseen blue
volcanoes inside my heart
and the cynic of me
was reduced to love right from the start
so it never mattered where we were going
wherever you were is where I wanted to be
cause you were what I
was always looking for
since you saved the child from 
the fear of her dreams
the miracle of all I could ever have prayed
everything my heart and mind and spirit
could need
and then you taught me how to grow
to be those things myself
and you are so beautiful
my beautiful dream
I don't know where we're going now
but wherever it is for you I will be
somewhere down the road
when I am done what I must do here
like cosmic osmosis
I will draw oasis back into my heart
to bathe it in love 
and all I have learned to be
and the mirror of what lies still in this heart
will reflect what your light
has done to me
and the beauty of what you have been

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