Friday, December 4, 2015

I close my eyes and place
the palm of my hand
on my heart
and find your name being spoken
in the pulse beating there
echoing all through
beating in the drum
of borrowed from earth
out into the vastness
of this DNA
and up into the stars

let these songs of the heart
fall upon your ears
in the gentle whispers
of love
and radiate through
the infinite of galaxies
so that wherever you are
these songs will
fall all around you
as gentle as rains
that have not surrendered
the suns that have kissed them
in the way I do not forget
the light you have given
to me

and know it is the light
that will draw me back
to the skies again
in the circle of dream that we live
as water transforming
again and again
like songs remembered
in the beat of our hearts
and the whispers
they name

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