Tuesday, December 1, 2015

let these words send 
my sweet surrender
in all the ways I just keep falling
further into love with you
with everything and nothing to fear
because that's just how the journey is
in and out of dimensions
with only what is in the heart
that can remain
cause I am tired of swimming 
against the flow
and thinking that is what it takes
for being saved
when free falling is how 
the wings grow strong
so I'm just holding on
to not a thing at all
just letting go 
and giving everything
up to love
all the way up through the spiral
and way back down 
because love isn't all 
when it's holding something back
and I've got nothing left
but surrender to myself
and all the beauty
you are to me
while you keep shining through
the dark of this illusion
and all I have the power 
left to do
is love

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