Saturday, December 5, 2015

what if we defied time
just this time
just for this moment here
and I'll be a woman
who loves a man
with the power to maker her
feel the volcanic heat of rush
with the soft somersault
of butterflies all fluttering inside
like back to the night
we talked of fire and ice
and all I wanted to do
was to burn in your words

let's just freeze time
for one moment to burn 
forget the world
if only just for now
and feel the adrenalin rise
as when love is first learned
then hold the tingle
against our lips
until the pulse of our hearts
swallows the magic 
deep down inside 

and then breathe
and let what must pass
pass the way that it must

with our little secret
that we've just made off
with this moment
stolen from time

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