Wednesday, December 2, 2015

when illusion crumbles away
to be scattered like silt on the wind
the only thing to be trusted is dream
and a star must be seen
as ethereal fire reborn
and remembered as the sacred
of mortal gift
and not the placenta
that is peeling away

I have loved you as man
and as dream and as star
and now I must see
with eyes that see 
what burns in the dark
emerging in transcendent 

all that was beautiful
lives in my heart
all that is beautiful
will be lived in the dream
and I will surrender illusion
to the flow of what
these spirals must bring
but never this love

staking my sash 
to the ground of this truth
I will sing songs of celebration
for everything that has ever been
in the rebirth of a star
and not move for what shadows
are coming for coup in my head

I came here with love
and after the crumbling
has taken of me what it can
I will rise in love
and by the light 
of a new born star
find my way back
to my own interverse 
having surrendered illusion
but nothing of love

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