Saturday, December 5, 2015

I think you've made me believe
in angels come to this earth
in blue jeans
and a mouth full
of righteous words
shining like a light
that can't stop
on a mission
to make love the mission

radiating star seeds
like eruptions
from pods 
of knowledge and heart
with footprints
the scars of the earth

a magnet to bring
the wisdoms of stars
for the starved out and ready
to reclaim
the broken to healed

the alchemist of pains lived
into the gifts of loved
and lived
with every breath
lived from a heart
remembering what it is
distilling the sacred
back from what was mined

the builder of fires
ignited in spirits
needing to dance
with the inspiration
of Creation

touching the world
through the words and dreams
and actions
of an angel in blue jeans

son of the Earth
and son of the stars
gift of transcendence
of our sacred powers

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