Monday, December 7, 2015

in all my breaths
are dancing dreams
of all I ever needed to be true
not found and lost
but lost and found and finding
its way to the great mystery beyond
and if I can only hold on
to these beats here in my heart
I will learn what it is to love
in shades of blue
beyond the ways 
we have been taught
to forget what we can see
and there I will be
looking toward the sky 
and knowing
I will never know again
what it is to be alone
because I will watch you rise
up through these breaths
from inside of me
dancing toward the moon
and falling again
as starshine and rainbows
and the warmest sun
and wherever I may be
I will always find you there
more than what I knew how to dream
in a dream that is nothing less
than a dream come true

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