Saturday, December 5, 2015

dreams can only die
when we forget who we are
and you are not only the dream
but the bringer of remembrance
so that when I awake 
in the cold and dark
knowing nothing at all
this fire you have ignited
inside of my heart reminds me
we belong to the stars
and that in the metaphysical
gravity we will come
to each other again
in this spiralling dream
so I can be grateful
for a short walk with a friend
knowing I will see my love again
because this is only
a moment in time
but this journey is transcendent
of only this path 
here on the ground
but just a few steps to 
where we are going 
through the dimensions
of love
so let love greet you
when you are born
while love is still loving here
and remembering we will
have our time to walk again
in this dream without end
because you are the dream
of a star who shared light
and brought me the memory of found

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