Wednesday, December 2, 2015

what I have meant to you
is nothing I can ever know
in the infinite possibilities
of delusion
but what you 
have meant to me
is truth
as deep as any 
I have known
and as unconditional
as the human of love
can ever be

when there's no time
but still there's no time
to wonder 
what was or wasn't
being said
or for counting how often
I messed it up
or was only misunderstood

the now is only
for loving
and standing in my truth
and taking the risk
of being wrong
in the way the water 
does not ask
who will come to drink
but offers itself
to the mouths that do

so I will stand here
until the end
when there isn't
any end
even if all that I can know
is not if I'm alone
but only the truth
that this is love
and it belongs to you

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